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Contacts 2.0




Twitter: @EnglishMatsuri

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Contacts 1.0


Federico Arteaga C.

Teléfono: [+57] 314 680 7464


Kathryn M Griffin, Mg.

Teléfono: [+57] 311 714 2094


The Advising Service of ENGLISH MATSURI has as a mission to provide impartial and up to date information on studies and exchanges abroad.


The Service administers professional advice on international education as well as shares the tools to be able to choose the option of study and with the institution in overseas appropriate to your interests. In this way, ENGLISH MATSURI does not act as an agent or intermediary and has no agreements with any specific program or institution.


ENGLISH MATSURI Advising Service allows you to:


  • Consult books and catalogues on programs and education in the USA.
  • Obtain information about international standardized exams.
  • Apply for exchange programs or higher education degrees.
  • Ask for a personalized advising session to answer questions and doubts.
  • Obtain advising on the revision of documents and forms.
  • Inform yourself about scholarships, educational fairs, University tours in Colombia and relevant topics on international study today.




  • General


  • English


  • Community Colleges


  • Undergraduate Programs


  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs


  • Boarding Schools


  • Exchanges (profesores con certificación)




VISAS & SEVIS (U.S. State Dept. Bureau of Consular Affairs & Visa Services) (Department of Homeland Security)



  • Undergraduate


  • Postgraduate


  • General


  • Loans



  • English


  • Undergraduate Admission


  • Postgraduate or Doctorate Admission



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